Frequently Asked Questions


Your ABS handmade jewelry has been polished and/or oxidized to achieve the desired finish. Please do not use silver polish on your special pieces as it may affect the look of your oxidized and matte-finished jewelry. Sunshine Silver Polishing Cloths are recommended and are available in different levels of abrasion to help maintain the intended luster of your piece. These are available through 

Although oxidation should last, over time jewelry will lose some of its darkened finish due to natural oils in your body, wearing the jewelry in the shower, washing hands, etc…. The good news is that ABS will re-oxidize your jewelry for its lifetime. Please email us with a picture of your piece before returning the item for oxidation. All shipping is at the expense of the customer. 

Yes and no! ABS silver and gold jewelry is made to live in, so we encourage you to put it on and leave it on. HOWEVER, hard water, detergents, and wear and tear will change the look of your jewelry. We believe this is a good thing bc dings and wear reflect our day to day lives. But we do want you to be away that metals are soft by nature and gemstones can be delicate, so take necessary caution with your treasures. And for goodness sakes, do not let your pup yank your chain (when he jumps up to give you lovin’).

A special note about ABS magnetic leather bracelets: We do not recommend showering in these, as detergents can corrode the adhesive used to attach the magnets. Also, please do not leave your leather bracelet in direct heat, for the same reason. Certain color leathers will distress and change color over time---another bonus as far as we’re concerned! 

To the best of our knowledge and ability, we use suppliers who follow ethical and sustainable business practices. For our part, we recycle our metals and are environmentally conscious when using and disposing of industry products.  

Custom Orders

The short answer is “YES!” The longer answer is “Yes, we would love to!” Since all of our jewelry is handmade one at a time, all ABS product is effectively one-of-a-kind and custom. But we would love to create a unique treasure that is EXACTLY what you have always wanted or didn’t even know you wanted! Although we will not reproduce—or rip off-- someone else’s design, we will make you the perfect piece, culling from all the design elements that you love. Just drop us an email to discuss. 


Wedding bands and bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts are our favorite. We are happy to work within your budget to get you sentimental and meaningful jewelry for your partner and attendants.  


ABS jewelry carries a three-month guarantee for repair or replacement of an item that breaks within that time. Please contact us and send pictures immediately if your item breaks within its warranty window. If a break or damage occurs after three months’ time, please contact us and send a picture so we can agree upon the cost of repair. All shipping is the responsibility of the customer.