Meet Alison Blair

Metalsmith in Boulder Colorado

It took many years to manifest what is now my alter ego

Alison Blair Studio Metal Works

I grew up under the watch of large, mysterious abstract canvases painted in ethereal, alluring color combinations like aubergine and golden flax, sienna and cerulean. The smell of oil paint and the tacky feel of the a drying palette piqued my senses. These are the nostalgic touch points of my childhood.

My father was a fine artist and our cedar-paneled basement was where he spun his art. Burlap paint-stained cloths thrown over card tables, a dark-wood easel, and makeshift repurposed finds furnished this space that I now recall so fondly.

My father’s mantra:

“The key to beauty is simplicity”

It guides my hand as I etch, saw, solder, and form metal into unique and lovely jewelry designs and accessories.

sampling of what you’ll find when you visit me online or locally at my booth

Diamond necklaces, whimsical dog-themed accessories, geometric earrings

Finding that moment when the piece is finished and not overworking it is the most challenging lesson for me.

Alison Blair
Alison Blair Studio

Reflects what is unique to its owner

Beautiful art, like beautiful people, doesn’t have to scream out for attention, it just is. Simply.

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