Live, Love, Laugh Sterling Heart Medallion

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Live, Love, Laugh … Heart Medallion. Completely handmade #heartpendant w Kingman turquoise and 14kt gold accent. Hand stamped and scribed, this is a great layering piece, measuring 2”x1.75 and hanging 19” from a modified sterling paperclip chain. wardrobe. If you look closely, all kinds of fine details appear, including a swirling silver ribbons, peridot sewn beads, and a prehnite "tail". And let's not forget the gorgeous variegated blue/green turquoise stone. Inscribed on the back is our hope for peace, please. 

  • approx 2”x1.75”
  • 19" paperclip chain 
  • Kingman turquoise 
  • 14kt gold accent 
  • hand-cut and forged
  • one-of-a-kind